Chelates are stable, electrically neutral complexes that protect trace minerals against chemical reactions during digestion.

MAXCHELAT products set new standards in organically bound trace minerals, including copper, iron, manganese, and zinc. We also succeeded in chelating the bulk element magnesium, being the only ones in the market supplying a magnesium glycinate. These chelates utilize a glycine ligand to deliver optimized stability, excellent solubility, and maximum bioavailability. A total of five different glycinate compounds are available as powder or as granulates.


MAXCHELAT/Mg’s stable compound ensures that high-quality magnesium is delivered where it is needed. The high bioavailability of MAXCHELAT/Mg provides sovereign, calm animals and strengthens skeletons and teeth. 

We summarized the advantages and benefits of MAXCHELAT/Mg in a flyer. Download it here:

MAXCHELAT Mg Granulate web